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Royal JSON by URL?

So you can paste rJSON right into a dynamic folder and that works great, but is it possible to load rJSON right from a URL instead like a Sharepoint URL or something?

I've been brainstorming ways of developing an always up-to date master server list for my team, and we have a process outside of Royal that I can do to generate this Royal JSON for the most part. So my thought process was our external tool generate the Royal JSON document and put it in a specified SharePoint location. Then I would just have to tell everybody to make a dynamic folder and point to this URL for this rJSON to get the latest and greatest?

I know I could maybe use PowerShell to do something like this if not. 

We can retag this as an idea and not a question if more appropriate as well.


The mobile clients cannot execute local PowerShell (or any) scripts, so you'd need a Royal Server for that. If you could configure a simple URL (and optional credentials) that would also work on Android and iOS.


pointing a dynamic folder directly to an URL is currently not possible. I've moved this to the ideas section in case more users are interested in this but to be fair, in PowerShell this is literally a one-liner:

(Invoke-webrequest -URI "<your-url-here>").Content


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