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TeamViewer Credentials feature

At the moment when using TeamViewer-Plugin you must specify the password for the connection inside the connection. Is it possible to implement that the password from the "Credentials" page are used for a TeamViewer-Conenction? That would be great.

Thanks for the clarification. That indeed makes sense. I'm not sure how we should implement that feature because the credentials are used for the web console login. I know that in some cases this is not necessary but we want to avoid breaking changes. One possible way to deal with that would be to take the credential password when the team viewer password is blank/not used. Would that an acceptable solution?

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Hi MIchael,

may I ask about your use case / reason for this feature? I'm curious what scenario requires you to provide the teamviewer password as a credential.


Hi Stefan,

I don't linke to save the credentials inside the documents (someone could just copy the file and have access to all servers). In our company we use a password manager (implemented via Dynamic folders) to connect to all RDP sessions. Therefore it would be great if we could use the credentials for the TeamViewer-Connections from our password mananger.

Best regards,


That would be a great solution.

Just to be sure: this also means that in that case the web console would not work because no creds for that would be available.

Yes, that's true. But the web console isn't needed if the TeamViewer Connection is working.

One more thing, please correct me, if I'm wrong. 


If I select "Remote control", then the Management Console does not play a role. Am I right?

That is correct. I will see if I can implement this change in one of the next V6 beta releases.


Hi Michael,

the next V6 beta release will use the effective password from the Credentials page if no TeamViewer password is provided on the main page.

I hope to get a new release out by the end of this week.


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