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View Only option for remote sessions

Often when remoting into workstations or servers, it is desired to work in tandem with another user also using the same computer, or observe the computer they are also remoted into.  Could we please have a way to put an RDP session into view-only mode, so we can observe what is going on remotely without risking inadvertent keystrokes or other input being sent to a remote computer?

Thanks for testing the beta. This particular feature was already on our todo list and since I was just working in that area, I took the opportunity and implemented it.

Please let me know if you have any issues.


Thank you very much!  This will make support sessions much easier and less risky for users that have many things open at once, and need to be productive without risking interference with a remote session they still need to observer.  I have installed the beta and I am testing it now.  Was this already on the roadmap for Royal TS?


I just released a new beta version with that feature on board:


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