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Secure gateway - forward windows user

When using secure gateway there's no possibility to select the option 'use windows credentials' of user who started RoyalTS.

This is probably technically not possible for security reasons,

But perhaps you can forward at least the windows user name (Domain+user) to the secure gateway so this can be used for logging.

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Indeed, it will be very helpful!

it would avoid a lot of frustration for the end-user 


secure gateway is based on the SSH protocol which allows different authentication methods (username, password, private key file, etc). Unfortunately (or thankfully) Royal TS cannot programmatically read out the password of the currently logged on user. As you can imagine, this would be a massive security issue. So there's no way to forward the credentials to the secure gateway. We also cannot really submit additional information to the secure gateway through authentication since we need to be compliant with the protocol because you could also use a different SSH server supporting port forwarding.


Thanks for clarifying, 

I can indeed understand that the password of the currently logged on user cannot be transferred.

But, it's a pitty to hear that even the username and domain cannot be transferred.



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