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Feature Request: "Alive" notification

Hi all,

I love RoyalTS, and renew my subscription whenever I notice it is expired.  Awesome tool!

I do have a feature request.  It would be nice to know which of my configured connections are currently responding to their relative protocol.  This would be particularly useful during reboot cycles, as currently I kind of have to double-click and try-again until I can connect.

If something like a periodic "ping" or SYN/ACK could be sent to the appropriate port (RDP, SSH, Telnet, etc.,) and be appropriately reported on the RoyalTS interface, that would be handy (kind of like BatchPatch does with Ping.)  It would also be nice if I could configure (if connected don't bother, if not connected do every X seconds.)

Just an idea that I expect could be implemented with minimal effort but would be super informative/handy.  Definitely not a show stopper.


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Hi and thanks for the feedback. Something like this is on our radar already but we're still not sure how exactly to implement it. We have users who have hundreds and thousands of objects in their environment. Checking each one of them will have a massive performance impact. One way to implement it would be showing a status in the dashboard when the machine is selected. Would that help in your case?

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I think an item on the dashboard or some sort of task would be great where you can select the individual machine. We just moved over to Royal TS from Remote Desktop Manager and this is one of the big features that we miss. They have a button the shows launches a new window and looks at the required port and also pings the host and shows on this screen when they respond. It also has a connect when available button so as soon as a server has reboot it opens up again.

This feature has been implemented in Royal TS V7 which is available for download now. This feature is disabled by default and needs to be enabled in the View -> Options -> Behavior settings. Once enabled, it will show the status in the tree for the selected item.


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