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Smart Groups

In Remote Desktop Connection Manager you can set up folders which automatically updated based on other objects in the application.

For example, if I might have a thousand computers in different folders but I could have a "Smart Group" folder with a rule - "If the servername start with 'UK', add them to this Smart Group".

Is it possible to do this in RoyalTS? I have found Dynamic Folders but it sounds like pulls the data from AD or other sources.


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Hi Daryl,

right now there's no feature like smart groups in Royal TS. There are no short- or midterms plan to implement this but I've moved your question to the ideas forum to let other users chime in as well. 



Thanks for the quick response Stefan!

I'm hoping this does get considered! For some people the absence of this could be a deal breaker as it's an incredibly powerful feature.



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I understand the use case and it sounds like an awesome feature to have. Unfortunately it's not that easy to implement with our current architecture and before we prioritize the more difficult features we want to gauge how much interest there is. That's why it's good to have it in the ideas forum so that we can observe how popular it is.


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Yes please! I would like to see this feature also.

I know that the "Dynamic Folders" feature is used to import external objects, but for me this is like a "Dynamic Folder" that its contents gets populated dinamically by a rule or query. In this case the objects are stored internally.

If you want to call it Smart Groups that is fine.

I just need the functionality.

Would like to have these folders that populate from server objects from everywhere with special criteria. (DBs, Domain Controllers, etc.)

This would be really nice to have that feature. We use a shared RoyalTS Document as a Team. It would be nice to have "Smart Folder" where we could link the objects to, based on Custom Attributes or Properties, so everyone can have their own Smart Folder with the important Objects for them.


Example use case: I have a set of servers that need to be manually updated following Patch Tuesday for dependency reasons. I don't want to manage duplicate connections (as discussed in 17000019064), so right now I'm using a custom field and filtering for it in the Dashboard. It'd be nice to just have a folder with the appropriate servers (ideally sub-foldered by reboot order from the custom field


Also really want a folder I can populate with other Items based on a custom field or something. Filtering on the dashboard is really messy and you need to lookup what to filter each time..

Oh man, I'd love to have this feature right about now:  updating a very specific group of hosts this weekend and having to sort through a big file is becoming tedious as hell.  Not sure how this would be possible, but this functionality would be outstanding if it could even span across multiple .RTSX files that I have open.  (Maybe create a Smart Folder in a new file that looks for the queried attributes of each file that's open in the app?)

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