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Stablise the interface

First of all, I use RoyalTS and could not live without it. However, it drives me crazy.  The interface is painfully random. A typical list of daily events include

Right click properties will only show properties 50% of the time

Clicking tabs will often not move your to the correct tab leaving you tying the wrong commands in the wrong window

Clicking the search box and typing will often jump focus back to a putty window.. several time before allowing you to search

It is infuriating and occasionally dangerous. 

OK great.. will give that a go.  The latest weirdness is that when I pull a windown out from RoayTS the input bounces back and forth between the screen.  So I will be typing in one screen and finish the command in another.

Will give Rebex a shot 

thanks again

I cant live without this app but at times...


I'm sorry you are experiencing issues like this. From your post I read that you are using PuTTY. When using PuTTY, we embed (re-parent) the main putty window of an external process in Royal TS. This, unfortunately, has a couple of side effects which might cause some issues depending on other settings. If you are experiencing those issues a lot, I recommend the following:

  • Start over using a new configuration by renaming the file %appdata%\code4ward\code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config before you start Royal TS
    Note that you will lose the UI preferences/settings and objects you defined in the "Application" document.
  • If the above doesn't improve your situation, try to switch to the Rebex based Terminal. This connection type is tightly integrated in Royal TS and doesn't have any focus issues.


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