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Focus connection tab when you double-click an active connection object in navigation tree


I'd be really happy about an option to focus the active connection when double-clicking an object in navigation tree:



Before starting new connections I often have to do searches in navigation tree and have to single-click on the object to e.g. view the notes - in these cases I don't want the active tab to be changed. That's why I disabled the selection-tracking and auto-focussing features:


If I found the correct connection object in the tree, the connection is sometimes already open - in this case it would be great if the active connection tab would be selected.

Thanks in advance for considering this!



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Thanks for the great feedback. I will put this on the todo list for V6.


Adding a +1 to this idea as I was just about to propose the same thing. I see it didn't make it into v6 but hopefully v7.

An additional option I'd like to see in the same "Active" menu is "Copy Password to clipboard" and/or "Execute a specifed Task" (however I can see that being a possible issue when the document that contains the specified task isn't open).

The use case is for when a user may want quick access to the password after executing a sudo command or similar. At the moment I do this be creating a Key Sequence task that types the this.Password value follwed by an ENTER.

Hi Andreas,

the double-click behavior for active connections to focus the connection will be in the next v7 beta release.

@FrankE: regarding the Copy Password and Execute Task feature, I'm hesitant to implement that. You could easily create a keyboard shortcut (for both options) to quickly get to the password or execute a task.


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