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Difference between target=_blank and

In Web Page plugin, when TSX is full screen, when a popup window opened because of a target=_blank attribute (or right click / Open in New Window), it is opened in full screen. However, a call to opens a popup window in the same space, on top of TSX window.

Out of the two behaviours I personally would prefer a popup window to always open in the same space as TSX. Because switching it to full screen is much easier than a reverse action. When a full screen window is "normalised" it goes to desktop, and would require dragging it to TSX's space. But an overlaid popup requires a single click to go full screen.

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Hi Michael,

I cannot reproduce this. For me, both types of opening pop up windows result in a new window inside the same space as Royal TSX.

Here's a link that I use for testing this:

Can you please confirm that you see the same behavior with the test page?

If not, can you please share the link to the page (or the source code) of the page you're having this issue with?



Hello Felix,

Today I cannot reproduce it. Either it was a temporary issue, or, being working, I didn’t pay attention to where I clicked - because now I see that full screen window is opened when you click such links in the popup. Perhaps that is the inconsistency I have noticed yesterday, and assumed it was because of the kind of the link. I will monitor this for a while longer and report whether it is my mistake or an unstable issue.

But I'm still not sure if behaviour should change, regardless of where you click. Why not create a new popup, it can always be expanded. After all, if I click another _blank link on the main tab, another popup will be created, it's not impossible to have two.


Hi Michael,

my whole point was that I cannot reproduce the behavior you're seeing. For me, both types of "links" open an external window in the same spaces as the full screen Royal TSX window.

Could you please record a short video that shows exactly what happens in your case when clicking the links of the sample page I provided?



I still had no reoccurrence of the behaviour I initially described. You must understand that I'm working using TSX, and reporting things when I notice them while working. If you are asking about the difference in whether links are clicked in a tab or in a popup, please see the attached video.


Hi Michael,

thx a lot for the video. This cleared things up and the bug has now been fixed. The fix will be included in the next release.



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