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1Password Integration

Dear all  i use Royal TS Version (Stable) and 1 Password version 7.4.1 on Macos Catalina after the upgrade of 1 Password  i receive this error message :

An error occurred while loading a 1Password vault. (Failed to load 1Password libraries. Please ensure that 1Password is installed in its default location. If the application is installed in its default location but you still see this error, the installed version of 1Password might not be compatible with Royal TSX.)

The 1 Password are located on the default folder someone have an idea to fix it ? i think is a compatibility issue ?

Thanks for your support 

Hi there,

this has already been fixed in the latest beta versions.

You can get the current beta here:

Please let me know if it works for you!



Hi Jean-Marc, 

there is an incompatibility between 1Password 7.4 and Royal TSX v.4.2. We have already identified the issue and have created a fix for it. This fix is already included in the latest beta version which was released yesterday!

Kinds regards,

Germar Tischler

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