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Availability indicator for RDP Server


I had the idea that it could be really nice to implement a features that allows to visualize if the server is ready for connections on Port 3389.

Possibly with the RDP prot. It could be used to get a feedback from a server who was recently restarted.

It could maybe work like this:


Royal recognizes that a RDP Connection was shut down, now it will check every 10-20 sec. if the RDP protocol is up, if yes = Green indicator

If the server is just running it should be enough to check every 5 – 10Min or so.


Beside of the Ping another function that has to be enabled manually like the Ping that will check availability of RDP for a few minutes before stopping automatically. 


You could probably write a powershell script.  I would prefer this not be implemented as a default.  My security team would go bonkers if all our workstations started to scan RDP status.

If you configure Royal TS to keep remotely disconnected tabs open (, Royal TS will try to auto reconnect to RDP connections as soon as it is available again.

Checking all RDP connections for availability will not work in larger environments. Some users have thousands of connections configured in their documents. Scanning all of them would bring Royal TS and probably your workstation to their knees.

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