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Can we please see what we type while broadcasting on MacOS X?

Hello there,

when broadcasting commands to all terminals I want to be able what I am typing in all of them. It must be possible to arrange windows in a grid for this (like in overview bit much larger and almost without gaps).

Also the MacOS X version must get more attentions! ;)

Kind regards



it's not currently possible to get a grid like arrangement of tabs inside a single window in Royal TSX.

However, there are a couple of alternative ways to achieve this:

  • You can use the Overview tab to monitor all open connections. You can also zoom in and out using the slider at the bottom right or using pinch gestures on a trackpad.
  • You can split tabs either vertically or horizontally. At the moment it's not possible to mix vertical and horizontal splits.
  • You can drag tabs out of the main window and into their own window and arrange them however you like. This also works with various 3rd party window management tools on the Mac so that you can automatically arrange your tabs however you like.

Hope that helps!




on a side note: Why can't we edit our posts? I'd like to correct all the mistakes I made above ;)

- About the overview tab: I know and I did zoom in. Still way too small and I can't see the text (I work on 20-30 nodes at once sometimes).

- Well, but the mixing part is crucial when you have 30 terminals open. Please RoyalApps, implement his.

- Mind sharing which window management tool you exactly mean? To be honest I'd expect this functionality to be built in into my SSH manager. It seems that Windows guys have it.

Thank you for answering my post. It helps, but I think there is still stuff to do around the MacOS version.



Hi Maciej,

are you sure you can't edit your post? For me, hovering over a post shows an edit button which works as expected. In any case, if it's not working for you, please contact FreshDesk directly as we're not the developers of the support platform.

Mixing vertically and horizontally splitted tabs is definitely something we'd like to support in a future update. It's not a trivial feature to implement though. On Windows we use a third party framework for window/view management which supports all of those features out of the box. Nothing like this exists on the Mac so we're on our own regarding an implementation. Also, a lot of things have to be considered for this to work properly. Again, it's something we'd like to do in a future update but there's no ETA at the moment.

Regarding 3rd party tools for managing window layouts: Moom and BetterTouchTool are two stellar apps which both support such features. I just tested both and they allow you to save a window layout for specific apps and restore them using various different triggers.

Since the title of your post is a bit misleading, would mind creating a new feature request that clearly states you want to see support for mixing horizontally and vertically splitted tabs in the future?

Hope that helps!



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