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Store previously known credential name for references

when opening royalTS with a missing settings file, or a file missing some configurations, you get get an issue like the screenshot below.

in this scenario it's hard to fixed the underlying issue without knowing the credential name that is missing (royalts has this info presumably, but it doesn't display it)


I see. I've moved your post to the ideas forum as this is more like a feature request. Not sure when we are able to implement it but as soon as we do, we will update this thread.

Thanks for the feedback.

i don't completely follow. 

if fileA has hosts, that reference credentials in fileB,

it's an implementation choice whether fileA saves only ids or ids+names or the target in fileB.

yes, it's possible fileB names have changed, but it's also possible fileB ids were deleted.

IMO some info is better than nothing. right now i'm not sure you even see which file was referenced.


unfortunately Royal TS does not know the credential name in this case. When an existing credential is assigned, the ID of the credential is stored. Saving the name would not help much as there's no guarantee that the name hasn't changed in the meantime which would then cause even more confusion. You can use the Notes section and put additional information about your setup (such as the credential name) if that's important for you.


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