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RDP and SSH URI/URL registration

RoyalTS currently supports rtsx:// as an OS registered URI.  That allows me to click a link that is rtsx:// in a webpage and it can launch RoyalTS.  RoyalTS also supports other URI's if you pass it on the command line.

My suggestion is that RoyalTS registers other URI's it supports on the system so I can click on a RDP:// or SSH:// link on a web page and it can launch RoyalTS.

The URI definitions for RDP and SSH are already defined.  Also the methods for registering them are already defined for Windows and Mac

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Not yet, we are still working hard on V6 and hope to get the new CLI into that release.

Bump. Any update on this?

Hi Tyler,

our current implementation needs to be rewritten from ground up to make an extension like this possible. This is quite an effort but we hope we can get our new CLI support feature on track soon. Once we have that, we can better support the URI schemes you mentioned.


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Any update on whether this will be accepted or not?  It appears to have fallen of the ideas list.

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