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Add filename to window title of RTSZ password dialog

Hi there,

I have encrypted all of my RTSZ files with a strong password.

I would like to use the autotype feature of Keepass to automatically enter those passwords into Royal TS's password dialog when I open a file.
To do so I need to provide Keepass with a unique window title, so it knows which password to enter.
Sadly the dialog's window title only says "Password Protection and Encryption".

Since I'm using different passwords for different RTSZ files, Keepass can't tell which file is being opened and gives me a selection dialog (which is not the end of the world, but unnecessary).

I think it would be great if the window title of that dialog would append the name of the RTSZ file which is being opened, e.g. "Password Protection and Encryption - Office.rtsz".

Also: The autotype feature of Keepass seems very laggy and slow when entering passwords into Royal TS and Royal TS itself has a CPU load of 30% during this process (on my admittedly weak i5-6200u). I suppose this is due to the password security indicator, which reevaluates the security of the password after each entered character. Therefore, I would propose either an option to disable the password security indicator or an improvement to its implementation (maybe a delay before it's reevaluation?).



Thanks for the feedback. Putting the filename in the dialog should be possible. I will put this on our todo list.

Regarding the input lag: do you see the same lag if you press the keys manually. It's kind of hard to tell what you mean by "laggy".I suggest you open a support ticket and submit a short video which shows the issue.


Hi Stefan,

thank you for your answer. It's good news that the change in the dialog will be implemented.

Regarding the input lag: I can reproduce this issue by manually entering gibberish very fast into the password input. CPU load goes up to 30% and it takes a second until all keystrokes are entered after I stopped typing.

In practice this isn't too big of an issue. I can wait that extra 2 seconds until Keepass entered my password. I just don't see why a simple string operation causes such high CPU load.

I will see about that ticket. Currently I don't have any screen capturing software installed and I suppose the chance of "fixing" this issue, isn't too high anyway?

Edit: I just made another test.

I can almost crash Royal TS by just holding down a key in the password input for a few seconds. Of cause this isn't a typical use case but maybe demonstrates what I mean ;)


although I'm not seeing the same behavior as you do, I put in a delay and wait for the input to finish for at least 500 ms before the password strength is calculated. This should make things snappier for you.

I also implemented the file name in the dialog title for the next release.



that's great news. Thank you very much.

It's much appreciated.

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