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Support AdHoc SSH Remote Command

  1. Right-Click on COnnection or Parent Folder
  2. Select Run SSH Remote Command
  3. Provide Popup with AdHoc Keysequence, where you manually type or select a favorite keysequence.
  4. Execute the keysequence on all SSH connections selected without opening Shell.

Thanks Stefan, much appreciated.

Hi Shawn,

as mentioned before, the current architecture makes it hard to implement it. I can understand the workflow and what you want to accomplish. I will discuss this in the team and see if we can make it work somehow. I'll also be interested how many other users have similar use cases, so I will keep an eye on this feature request. If this is a popular request and if it's feasible, we will definitely try to get it in.


The feature is already supported from what i can see.  

Opening the connection is not the issue as long as it closes right away.

Currently if i create an SSH connection and fill in the "Remote SSH Command" field.

The connection opens

Runs the command

The connection closes.

This behavior is fine, as opposed to opening 500 terminals and trying to run a key sequences task then manually closing the 500.

THe only issue is that this is required in the ssh settings, so i would need to basically make 500 new connections for every different command,

For example, if we have hundereds of servers patched, and i want to restart the same applicaion on all the servers, i would like to be able to select those servers and send the the start command , or any other command of my choice and have them act like i had those 500 servers configured to only run the ssh remote command.

Hi Shawn,

thanks for clarifying your feature request. Marking this topic as not taken was more directed towards the desire to get another context menu entry in the folder context menu.

Unfortunately, the send remote command as you requested is not possible in our current architecture. Sending commands requires the connection to be opened first. There are many dependencies which we cannot overcome easily. Maybe some sort of task using a script or so is a better solution. Right now, I'm not sure if and how we could implement something like that.

Sorry for not having better news for you. I will keep an eye on this and if there's an opportunity to get something like this implemented, I will get back to you.


Before marking something as not taken, it would be nice to see the request is fully understood.

The key sequence only works for terminal windows already open.  I am looking for the ability to do it without opening a terminal first.  The "Remote SSH Command" Field runs commands without opening a terminal shell.

The option you suggest does not fit the needs or request.

Hi Shawn,

there are a couple of ways how to execute remote ad hoc SSH commands. The best way would be to use the key sequence broadcaster panel. A context menu on the folder is not planned as we want to keep this menu small and do not want to get messy with connection specific commands.


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