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Auto-detect SSH gateway

Would be nice if Royal TS could auto-detect ssh gateway and if present use it.  It gets real clunky when working in multiple environments where sometimes I need to use gateway and sometimes I don't.

Right now, there are only two choices in the secure gateway settings for a connection: "Never" or "Always".

If I select "Always", this gets annoying because I'm not always at a point where this is needed.  If I select "Never", well then I have to manually drill through the context menus to select it.

It is worse when I don't realize if I need it or not and I double-click the connection and bam!, connection error.

What I propose is a simple test: ping the ssh gateway to see if it exists, maybe even go a step further and check if you can authenticate.  Do this behind the scenes and if the gateway presence check fails, then try standard connection.  The reason you might want to check if it can authenticate is because I may actually be on a network where the IP of the gateway exists, but it isn't the same physical network and not really the gateway server.

Hi Jose,

one way to deal with this is by using overrides (see With overrides you could quickly apply the configuration to use or not use a gateway. Another way is to use the "Connect with Options" feature which also allows you to use a different gateway or skip the gateway completely.

The automatic detection would also be a nice feature but I would rather use the reachability of the target host to decide if a secure gateway must be used or not. What do you think?


Hi Stefan,

I understand and agree that a couple ways of dealing is with the connect with options feature or overrides.  However, my problem I'm dealing with is that I work in multiple environments and I'm usually multitasking left and right.  In addition, I use the shared documents feature of royal ts because I use it on at least two different systems which reside in different networks, then there are VPNs to take into account, etc.  So it is hard to track when I should or should not use the gateway.  That is why I suggest auto-detect of the ssh gateway.

As for auto-detection, I think at the very least reachability of the gateway host is a good option.  I think I could even have ssh on the gateway server running on a "special admin tcp port" maybe 50022, or some such, and then that way this would eliminate false positives for auto-detect of gateway presence.  So simply test if the gateway host is listening on that port, if it is, attempt to connect to it.

Thanks for the additional information, Jose. I can understand your use case better now. I will put this on the todo list and hope we can work something out.


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