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Auto Assign Objects and Folders to "User credentials from the parent folder"

After importing from a source IE: AD, RDP or whatever. Would love an option to select to have all objects auto select "Credentials" = Use Credentials from the parent folder!!!

when you import 300+ this becomes a major task to configure them. 

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This is something I'd like to see as well - for me it's not about importing objects, just the time required every time I create a new connection to select "use credentials from parent folder." Is there a way to change the default setting for a new connection to the credential inheritance? 

I know it seems minor, but I'm frequently doing work where I'm connecting to tens or hundreds of new customer systems, and having to select the credential each time even though the connection is a child of a folder with a credential already set doubles the time required for me to make a connection.



Hi Donovan,

you might want to use our Bulk-edit functionality to simply edit all imported objects in just one go, see more details here: Hope this helps!



Hi Andrew,

you can configure the default settings under "Application -> Default Settings" in the navigation tree. The settings you configure there are used when you create a new connection.

Let me know if this helps.


Yes, that's perfect, thank you! I was looking through all the menu bar items and could not find this. Appreciate the help!

You're welcome! Glad I could help.



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