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Context menu for systray ortaskbar


I worked with Remote Desktop Manager before using Royal TS and I found very interesting their ideas of having a systray icon (next to clock) or the button in the task bar that if you click with the right button give you a quick access to your connection tree. In the image attached you can see it, but it would be more easy if you try the other software by yourself.

This could be a useful idea to speed up connection.

Thanks for listening

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Hi Luca,

thank you for the feedback.

We do have an option to "minimize to systray" under View -> Options -> General:

If enabled you can minimize the main window and external connection windows to the systray icon where you can access them in the menu.

Making all connections available might not scale very well. Sometimes users have hundreds and even thousands of connections in their tree. Making them accessible through a menu would not scale well in this scenario. Maybe we can find a better way to provide access to your connections.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for you reply. I only wanted to suggest this feature because in my honest opinion when I user RDM I've found it very useful (in fact I was really in doubt if buyng Royal TS or RDM).

Maybe a solution for those people with thousands of connection si the possibility (in option menu) to enable the contextual menu only for favourites connection and not for all, in this way:

- users with non so much connection have the control of all their connection

- users with a lot of connection can add their correnction to favourite list and the systray give you the possibility to access only these connections.

This is my suggestion



Great feedback, Luca. I will keep this on the radar. Let's see how many users would be interested in this feature...


I'd like to see this feature on macOS. Just a menubar icon with either the favorites or all connections, without a dock icon.

Many thanks in advance!

@Peter Meiser: please post your idea in the macOS forum here:

Thank you!

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