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New Object - Simple Link

It would be nice if we could add Simple "Links to external Files" to the Connection Folders wich use the OS Default Apllication to Open. Like Windows Explorer quicklaunch.

(Simplers than the "External Application" Object and not embedded)

- Maybe with Drag&Drop from Windows Explorer to Connection Folder to create link!

- With the ability to change the Link Icon?

For example i want to create simple links to WORD, PDF or Keepass Files Inside the Connection Folder

Hi Norman,

I just thought about this and while we could implement something like a file link in a future version, you may be able to solve this now by just creating a command task which points to your word file. You can assign a custom icon to this task and by double-clicking it, it will open the docx files.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank your for your Reply! 

The workaround with the "Command Task" is working for now.

Iam looking forward for a improved (maybe drag&drop) version in a future Update.



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