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How can I Upgrade License v3 to v4

I am using the royal TSX v3 License, but how can I upgrade the v3 License after upgrading to v4, because now the royal TSX cannot be used normally

Hi there,

I'm closing this thread in favor of the ticket you created.

Just a quick note: You can always downgrade to one of the previous versions by downloading it from here:



Considering that no upgrade path was given the only solution to upgrade is to buy a new license. 

Hi Sorin,

each of our licenses includes at least 1 year of software maintenance which grants you free access to minor and major version upgrades. Shortly before your software maintenance expires we send out emails that include a coupon code for extending your software maintenance at 50% off.

You can read more about our licensing model and how we handle software maintenance here.

In case you haven't received a coupon code, please contact our support team with your last order number.

Hope that helps!



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