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Unable to mention hostname when using custom terminal

 I discovered that Royal TSX is hiding the hostname parameter from the UI when I pick the custom terminal connection type.

I am using ipmiconsole tool to establish the connection which is probably one of the most common use cases for a "custom terminal".

Still the Ui seems to outsmart itself and decides to hide the "hostname" field making impossible to edit it.

As a temporary workaround I was able to switch connection to SSH, edit the hostname field, switch back to custom termina, press  save.... this allowed me to save hostname but is very confusing.

Hi Sorin,

thx for reporting this. The next V4 beta release will allow you to edit the "Computer Name" field even when "Connection Type" is set to "Custom Terminal". There'll be an info icon and a tooltip that explains how to use the computer name in that particular configuration.



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Really glad to hear that! I also would like to know where is the best place to raise feature requests, so we can track if/when they are implemented?

At this moment I would like to see

- VirtualBox connections: using Royal would provide a much better UI than the native virtualbox one which lacks tabs.

- libvirt support (same as virtualbox)

Hi Sorin,

the best place to post feature requests is our dedicated "Ideas" forum.



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