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Type in one SSH terminal that types to all SSH terminals

Please consider adding the feature to have the feature like mRemoteNG where you can type in one terminal window and it types in all other terminal windows at the same time instead of key sequence broadcaster? I believe this feature is in the Mac Version of Royal TS but not Windows. How come it can be done in Mac but not Windows?

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As far as I know, mRemoteNG does not have this feature. I can only see the Multi SSH Command toolbar which works similar to the key sequence broadcaster. You type in one box and send it to all open sessions. Am I missing something?

In any case, implementing the feature like in macOS is not possible on Windows because we have potentially two different connection plugins (Rebex based and PuTTY based). Both are external / 3rd party components we do not have much control over. While it may probably be possible to implement it for Rebex based connections (I haven't really looked into that yet), it's for sure not possible with PuTTY as it is started as external process and when you type into PuTTY, Royal TS doesn't really know anything about that.

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Hi Stefan,

I want to apologize again. This whole time I meant MobaXTerm not mRemoteNG here and in my support tickets. I have attached a demo of what this looks like in the attachment as a .gif. For background on the video I just connected to the same host twice is why it's the same name on both if you were wondering. 

My other threads are similar to this one but something like this would be really useful. There could be a key sequence broadcaster mode and or a multiexec mode. Both modes the user knows it's going to be multiple windows, executing key sequences or macros like shown would be awesome, and or a combination of what we talked about in the other thread. I'm not sure what technology Moba is using for SSH but you are saying it can't be PuTTY they way they are doing this?

I particularly like the completing tab feature during this mode as key sequence broadcaster can't that do as well. I know I'm jumping back and forth. But I'm sure you follow. You said maybe Rebex can do this?


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I registered here just to say that this is the only feature that keeps me from using your software. Please implement multi exec like Luminous described it.

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Any news on implementing this feature for Windowz? I'd think that since the sequence broadcaster already exists it should be technically easy to implement (a quick win ;)). And Mac users seem to have it already?

Just a quick update. We are still investigating how we can implement this. Unfortunately this is not so easy as we are depending on a 3rd party here. The keyboard broadcaster works a bit differently and is not an appropriate base for such an implementation. Once I know more I will update this thread. Sorry for the delay...

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I am also very interested in this!

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Something new here? What's the result of your investigation guys?

I just wanted to check in on this. Any update?

I'm sorry for not having better news for you. Still waiting on response from the vendor. When I asked them about the update they told me they have currently other priorities and will get back to me as soon as possible.

Any update on this? I'm currently using MobaXterm because this feature is missing. Being able to TAB out my muti-exec is very important.

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Hi Anthony,

we're still investigating. There's a good chance that we can implement it with the components at hand. I still cannot promise anything but from what I can tell, it should be possible. We hope we have something like that in our next major version.


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+1 from me, it is really useful feature which should be a prio in such a software :-) I got jealous of a friend who used it in MobaXterm on multiple occasions, I was not even aware how useful is that, it increases efficiency so much. I thought Royal TS has so many options there needs to be a way to do it, however it seems there is not :-(

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