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AD Credentials

We have a large number of engineers who are often dispatched to customer sites, and as such security of the machines becomes an issue. I wish that there was way to be able to use AD credentials to authenticate to open RoyalTS.  If that is possible, then the second part would be to amend the ADMX file so that there was a GPO option to require users to authenticate using their AD creds when opening up Royal TS.

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Hi Bob,

AD auth is currently not possible. We might be able to add this in the future. I strongly recommend that you encrypt and password protect your documents. This way, only a user who knows the document password can open it. You can also encrypt and password protect the "Application" document. Doing this, will prompt you for the app doc password when Royal TS starts.



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This question was asked 4 years ago. Now that it is 4 years later, has AD authentication been added or at least planned for?

Hi Chris,

there are still no plans to implement this. We don't really see the benefit to mimic interactive logon in the app. You already need your AD creds to log on to your workstation, so I'm not sure what benefits it would have to ask for the credentials once again upon startup. I don't know any other app which behaves that way. To prevent others from opening Royal TS, simply lock your workstation or log out. To get in again, unlock/login with your AD credentials. That's the way it's supposed to work.


Found this via Google a year later.  My use case at least, is a shared document. Anyone in X AD group should be able to access this *.rtsz file and anyone without that security group gets denied.

Hi Joshua,

there are two ways to do what you need:

1. put the .rtsz file on a file share with the desired file system permissions

2. put the .rtsz file on a Royal Server and use the Access Control settings to control which user/group has access to the file.

I hope this helps.


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