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Change click into search field behaviour (Navigation panel)


if I click into the search field in the navigation panel again - after I typed something in - Royal TS is always selecting the whole text. It's not possible to get an text cursor with the mouse. (Only with the arrow keys.)

Through this behaviour the search text gets quickly overwritten, even if I just wanted to change for example one number in the string.

Wouldn't it be better letting a text cursor appear and only select the whole text, if I'm double clicking in the field?



Hi Markus,

we're already aware about that specific behavior - as a customer filed us a ticket about 4 days ago. This issue is fixed in the next Royal TS v5 beta release, but I'm not sure if this gets backported to Royal TS 4.3 stable as well.



Hi Patrik,

ok, all right.

Thanks for the info :-)



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