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prevent Ctrl-Shift capture in Royal TSX

I'm using Royal TSX 3.3 on MacOS 10.13.6 and when I RDP into a Windows VM (I've tested against Win7 SP1 and Win10 1803), it looks like something is intercepting/overriding the Ctrl-Shift key sequence.

Repro Steps:


  1. RDP into a Windows VM
  2. press Windows key
  3. type cmd
  4. right click on Command Prompt, select Pin to Taskbar
  5. hold down Ctrl-Shift and left click on the pinned cmd icon

Expected Behavior:
UAC prompt opens to launch elevated cmd.exe (or elevated cmd just launches if UAC is disabled).

Observed Behavior:
The menu that loads is the same behavior that occurs normally in Windows when you press Alt-Shift and right-click on a taskbar icon (if multiple instances of cmd are already running, you will see a menu with the options: Cascade, Show windows stacked, Show windows side by side, Restore all windows, Minimize all windows, Close all windows).

I do not have a DefaultKeyBinding.dict configured, nor do I have a keymapping app running.  If I use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app (10.1.8) from the same Mac, I get the expected behavior (same as when logged physically into a Windows system).

Is there a way to prevent the Ctrl-Shift key binding from being intercepted in RDP sessions from Royal TSX?  


That's the only place where Royal TS interferes with keyboard input. Looks like some other 3rd party tool is interfering with Royal TS here. Please try to repro the issue on a vanilla machine or disable all 3rd party tools which are potentially hooking into your system.


Thank, I will!

The deep keyboard already turned off



I see. I recommend to open a separate thread or new support ticket in the future instead of hi-jacking an unrelated thread

Can you please verify if you have deep keyboard hooks enabled (in View -> Options -> General? If so, please disable it and restart Royal TS.

Let me know if this helps.



Thank you for your answer, 

I little bit misunderstand the root issue, 

In my case I have problem with the original OS (Windows 10 LTSB) After I install the royal TS, and start to use it(2 days), my ctrl go away :/ If I turn off the royal TS,its come back after 30 ctrl click,than open back the ts and works again it TS too :) .I already reinstall the windows, so I dont know what should I do...


Hi Otto,

in Windows there's no way to change the key bindings. We are using the Microsoft RDP ActiveX control which ships with Windows and there's no way to change the behavior on that level.

I'm sorry I have no better news for you.


In  Royal TS (windows) how can I fix it? Really annoying, when I try to use ctrl, and not working.

Hi Tony,

in Royal TSX you can make use of control+shift+click inside remote sessions by disabling "Preferences - Connection Types - Remote Desktop - Plugin Settings - Convert control+shift+click to right-click".

Hope that helps!



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The Expected Behavior also occurs in Royal TS 4.2.61424.10000 from a Win10 x64 Pro 1803 box.

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