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Swap mouse buttons

I'm a left handed mouse user (not by choice).

It's easy to swap mouse buttons in Windows, but this is unfortunately not applied to remote desktops.

It would be a great feature in royal-ts if you could somehow swap mouse buttons for all connections, so you didn't have to configure it on each server.

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since we are using Microsoft's RDP ActiveX control (which ships with Windows), we cannot really change the behavior. Microsoft needs to implement this feature, so that we can make use of it. Sorry I have no better news for you.



+1 for enabling mouse button swap for RDP, automatic or per-connection.

Update: finally found a suitable combo – elegant enough for my needs :) It involves SMB ánd XMBC.

I can swap whenever I want using the SMB hotkey; XMBC is just there to "extend" the behavior into RDP.

Here's my (minimal) profile for the latter:  

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<version major="2" minor="19" revision="2" build="0"/>
	<Layers Number="1"/>
	<!-- SwapMouseButtons (SMB) vs. XMBC: standalone, Tejada's SMB works
	with UAC prompts but not RDP, and XMBC can be setup for RDP but not UAC
	prompts :/ To get the best of both worlds, just let them work in unison,
	no need to disable or favor either! SMB pointers might become wrongly
	flipped but at least the button swap seems to always work IF the new
	main mouse button is pressed after swapping with SMB :) -->
		<Layer name="Let SMB control the mouse buttons everywhere (incl. UAC prompts)"/>
		<Application Name="W2:mremoteng.exe||royalts.exe \;| IHWindowClass \;| UIContainerClass" Description="RDP" Enabled="true">
			<LayerNames layer1="Let XMBC adjust mouse behavior in RDP windows, in line with SMB!"/>
			<Left action="0"/>
			<Right action="1"/>


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