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Incognito / InPrivate mode for browser engines


there are similar questions for this [1][2], but I would like to recommend a true incognito / inprivate window for browser sessions. 

This will prevent things like Kerberos and other SSO capabilities from working. This is more than what was recommended for the other questions to use the dedicated engine.


Best Regards,

Philipp Bieber



No worries, Philipp! Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.


Hi Stefan,

after your answer, I double checked the behavior I was expecting and looked at what Google thinks about this.

My goal was to prevent Kerberos Auth from happening, but according to the Google Chrome / Chromium this is the expected behavior.

 So, after all, this can be closed again after just a moment more of googling... Sorry.

Hi Philipp,

can you please elaborate what you mean with "true incognito". The way it is implemented (the isolation with the dedicated engine) is exactly the same as Chromes incognito window from what I can tell. At least according to the API from the component vendor...


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