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Utilize backups when connection files are unavailable

Our connection files are shared on our corporate network. Sometimes we have connectivity issues when working remotely and the network share that stores these files is unavailable. It would be nice if there was a prompt when one of these files failed to load that offered to load the latest backup of the connection file. It would be important to make it clear that any changes to that connection file will be lost.

I realize this can be done manually by browsing for the backup, but having a prompt would go a long way for ease of use. I attached a mockup.

Alternatively if you had a way to cache changes and merge them once you reconnected, that would be even better! I imagine that could get messy with multiple people utilizing the same shared files though. Thanks!

Hi Ryan,

thanks for the feedback and the mockup. We are already considering multiple scenarios for offline capabilities. This is a good example how to implement (at least using a read-only backup copy). I'm not sure if this will make it in the V5 timeframe but I will keep this on the radar.


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