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Password Manager Pro as external credential source

Would be nice if Password Manager Pro by ManageEngine could be used as a credential source for RoyalTS. They provide a RESTful API.

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Hi! I've written an integration for this purpose.

You can find it at

Note that the integration might be a little tricky to deploy, it requires you to set up an "integration server" which talks to Password Manager Pro on one end and to Royal TS on the other end. The Dynamic Folder script is merely a stub which talks to the integration server. The reason it's set up like this is is because of requirements in my organization, where we use AD groups to limit who has access to what, and we didn't want to create API keys for every user. So it's not as easy to use as most integrations out there, unfortunately.

It also requires access to the underlying SQL database, since the API sucks and doesn't give me all the information that I needed to make a full integration.

Anyway, it's provided AS IS with no warranty. If it works for you, great. If not, there's source code available under an open source license so you can (yourself, or hire someone to) change or customize it into whatever you need it to be. Good luck. :-)

Wow! Impressive work! Thanks for sharing your solution. I'm sure people will find it useful.

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