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Copy files thru RDP connection (\\tsclient\..)


I have problem with very slow copying files thru RDP connection by Windows share \\tsclient\..

I have a 20 MBit/s and more on both sides and file copy has max speed few kbit/s. 

During copying RoyalTSX completely freezes and I cannot use any open connection (at another tabs).



Hi Igor,

can you reproduce the problem using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac from the same machine?

If not, could you please post a short video comparing the transfer speed of MSRDP vs. Royal TSX.




any news about this?



About copying stuff - I really like the possibility to just copy&paste files when using RDP from Windows to another machine. Is this even possible using RoyalTSX? 

Hi Fermin, copying files through clipboard redirection is currently not supported. Once the FreeRDP developers make this feature available we'll make sure to add support for it in Royal TSX as fast as we can. In the meantime, you can use drive redirection to copy files between your Mac and the remote Windows host. You can configure this in the "Redirection" settings of your RDP connections. Hope that helps! Cheers, Felix

Hi Felix

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Yes, I know about the possibilities that exist. Was just wondering if copy through clipboard was even on the roadmap. I'm glad to see that it is :-)



I'm closing this for the lack of feedback.

@Igor Stanek: If you still encounter this issue, please open a new support ticket.



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