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RDP connect until success

I want to connect to a RDP connection until it is successful (e.g. server restart). There is currently no way to do this (support says). So I want to do a feature request for a future version of RoyalTS.



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I just released the beta with the first iteration of this feature. It's much harder to implement that I thought. The automatic reconnect should happen in the background and not grab the focus of the connection once it is successful. At the moment, RDP is the only connection which supports the new auto reconnect feature and you also need to configure Royal TS to keep remotely disconnected tabs open to make it work (you can find this setting under View -> Options -> Behavior). When a connection is disconnected remotely, the tab will change to the "disconnected" state and at the very bottom you will see a checkbox (by default checked) which counts down (currently 30 seconds) and tries to reconnect every 30 seconds. You can uncheck this box to stop automatic reconnect (check it again to enable it) und you can also hit Connect at any time to manually try to connect.

The new beta can be found here:

Should you experience any issues, let me know.

Not sure at the moment.

Thinking a Global Plugin level option and a connection specific option.

Connection specific would override plugin/global.

If we could have it configurable instead of set number that would be better. 2 fields Number of retries or infinit. And delay before retrys.

I would really appreciate this feature as well.  My scenario is that our office VPN will automatically drop a connection after 8 hours.  I'll have 5-10 RoyalTS RDP windows open, and when the VPN drops, even though I can reconnect within 60 seconds, RoyalTS goes through it's "Attempting Reconnect 1 of 3" and goes through those three attempts in less than 10 seconds.  Therefore, after reconnecting to the VPN, I have to re-establish my sessions to the the servers, and even though that only takes a minute or two, it's irritating to do that every single day.  If we could simply have it wait 30 seconds between each re-connection attempt (as opposed to the 5 seconds currently set for that), or have it attempt to reconnect perhaps 10 times instead of 3, that would solve my issue.

Hi, any Updates about this Feature? 

Its something i missing most and would be really, really Helpfull in my Workflows.



Hi Tom,

it hasn't been implemented yet but it's still on our roadmap for V5. Stay tuned!



Just wondering if this has been implemented yet..


Thanks for your vote, Raffaele. There's still no ETA but we hope to have that in V5...


+1 on this feature, is there any ETA?

Thank you for the additional information, Jarel. This is very helpful!

I would like to request this feature as well.
I am often doing server maint that requires a reboot. If RTS could automatically reconnect that would be great. I already have RTS configured to keep the tab open when closing a connection, if there was a checkbox on the disconnected tab to auto reconnect when accessible again that would be awesome.

I wouldn't want every VM to auto reconnect all the time though. If I log off because I am done with a VM for the time being I don't want it to just pop back up indefinitely until I close the tab (I try to log out of servers rather than leave disconnected sessions on servers).



Here's the scenario that I typically face this problem in. 

I'm rebooting a machine and the connection is closed to the remote (windows server) PC. That's fine. However, now I'd like to have the option to "connect when the machine comes back online." I'm assuming this is done by continuous ping and that once the machine responds, an attempt is made to then RDP back in.

Either of your two scenarios works as well. I'd say, take a look at Devolutions RDM to see their implementation. Its simple and stays in the background. Its integrated with their command tasks. A small window pops up and shows a few lines about the host being online (tested by constant ping) and if it can remote in. You can see a spinning/loading icon where it is attempting to connect.

Hope this helps!

Hi Stefan,

The ideas sounds great to me. :)

Thanks & regards


Any input from RoyalTS team?

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