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1password for Windows Integration

I am an engineer and I use Royal TS(x) on many different environments both Windows and Mac.  I also have the 1password for Windows license.  Are there plans for integrating  1password and Royal TS for Windows?

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We also would like a direct integration of 1Password and RoyalTS. Another possibility would be to have cached dynamic folder also for shared documents

Hi Gregory,

we would love to support 1password in Royal TS for Windows! Unfortunately there's no SDK we can use to properly integrate it. Check out this twitter conversation:

We recommend that all 1password users who wants to have this kind of integration to contact 1password to provide a good .NET SDK for integration in apps like Royal TS. The more you guys make noise, the sooner they will do it, I guess.


Hi Stephan,

may I ask what benefits you think a native integration would have? The dynamic folder implementation has a lot of advantages which would be hard/impossible to provide with a native integration:

* out of band update in case something in 1password changes. The script can easily be updated/adapted without rolling out a new Royal TS version

* customization in case you want to slightly change the way the data is mapped within Royal TS

* open development which allows you to exactly see how the data import and mapping is working under the hood and also the ability for the community to improve scripts and/or derive new scripts


Hi Stefan, Any idea about when that feature will be available it the v5 beta? Do you think it will enable support for the CLI of other password managers, like BitWarden?


we will not be able to provide out-of-the-box support for 1password in the V5 release but as mentioned in the previous comment, you may be able to add this yourself using the new feature called "Dynamic Folder". 

This allows you to populate a folder based on a script. We also have a couple of sample scripts which are working with Secret Server (consuming their API and building up the tree). You can find the docs and the sample scripts on our GitHub repo linked here:

For more information about the V5 beta go to:

Maybe one of you will take the challenge and build something for 1password. We do accept pull requests ;)


BitWarden support would be great RoyalTS is what's keeping me on LastPass lol!

We are in touch with 1password and according to them, the CLI should have everything you need to create a dynamic folder script. We also discussed a direct integration but there are no suitable APIs and providing them is out of 1password's scope. We also think that the dynamic folder integration is the better way forward because it provides greater flexibility and is also easier to maintain, in case of breaking changes.

Unfortunately we don't have the time and resources at the moment to provide a ready to use script for now because we are very busy getting V6 beta out. If someone volunteers and looks into the CLI and into a dynamic folder script, we would be grateful for a pull request here:


I'm happy to report that Royal TS 5.0 has been released and includes dynamic folders:

For more information about the major new features of Royal TS 5.0, please head over to our

I've set up the 1Password integration (Royal TSX) with the sample using dynamic folder/credential. Credentials in my 1password vaults show up but I'm unable to use them for my RDP sessions for some reason. Am I missing something? Also note that it shows in the 1 password app that the credentials were used when trying to connect in Royal TSX. Please advise.

Hi Dario,

I think it would be best if you open a support ticket with some more details (screenshots) how you setup everything and how you are trying to make use of the creds of the dynamic folder in order to further assist you. Please send us an email to support(-at-)

Thank you,

Hi Gregory,

1Password integration is now available for Royal TS/X.

Take a look at the following blog post to see how you can enable this functionality:

best regards,



Can someone help me to get this Dynamic Folder with this API?



why only for mac and not for windows?

Hi Stephan,

the instructions described in the blog post are for both Royal TS (Windows) and Royal TSX (macOS).

If you need further assistance, let me know!

best regards,


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