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[REBEX] - Enhance the "Find" functionality in a terminal session

When using Rebex for Terminals, you can use the "Find" button to search for text in your terminal which is useful but pretty limited. Currently, it is case sensitive and only searches in 1 direction. Would it be possible to make the search case sensitivty selectable between sensitive/insensitive and also select the direction the search looks in? For example:

Search Down (search below your current location)

Search Up, (Search Up from your current location)

Search Top-Down, (Search from the VERY top of the log down)

Search Bottom-Up, (Search from the VERY bottom of the log up).

Also, when you have the toolbar auto-hide, when selecting "Find" the search field is hidden behind the toolbar until it auto-hides again which can be confusing. Any ideas to make that cleaner?

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Not sure if this can be added with the current implementation but I will check.

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I've just took a closer look and was able to implement a "reverse" find. When you are in the search box, you can type your text to find and hit ENTER to search "forward" (top-down) and with SHIFT + ENTER you can search "reverse" (bottom-up).

You can specify a keyboard shortcut using the options like this:

Although I just realized that there's a bug at the moment which prevents the shortcut to work. I already fixed this for the next release.


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Hi Damien,

thanks again for the feedback. I implemented a new UI which makes this all more discoverable and user friendly.

Stay tuned for the next release.


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I'd also like to have arrows to select the search direction. It's still very practical to be able to search in your terminal.

Is it also possible to provide a keyboard shortcut? At the moment I can't define a keyboard shortcut to open the search function.


Thanks for the investigation and the reply.

For the creation of the shortcut, I had tried several things without success. So that confirms that there is indeed a bug. Thanks for taking it into consideration.

For the search box, it's too bad to not add the up and down arrows next to the text box because :

1. It's more visual and sometimes more practical

2. It would be possible to highlight the shortcut (when you hover an arrow, you can see a description and the shortcut in the tooltip).

3. Shortcuts is not written in the documentation.

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