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[REBEX] - Enhance the "Find" functionality in a terminal session

When using Rebex for Terminals, you can use the "Find" button to search for text in your terminal which is useful but pretty limited. Currently, it is case sensitive and only searches in 1 direction. Would it be possible to make the search case sensitivty selectable between sensitive/insensitive and also select the direction the search looks in? For example:

Search Down (search below your current location)

Search Up, (Search Up from your current location)

Search Top-Down, (Search from the VERY top of the log down)

Search Bottom-Up, (Search from the VERY bottom of the log up).

Also, when you have the toolbar auto-hide, when selecting "Find" the search field is hidden behind the toolbar until it auto-hides again which can be confusing. Any ideas to make that cleaner?

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