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feature request: auto-reconnect without the prompts

When Royal TS first opens: please add an option to default to auto-reconnect each time without the prompt to reconnect. 


It would be great if every time that Royal TS opens, it would just auto-reconnect. I can imagine some situations where the prompt could be useful, but for me the prompt is only an unnecessary annoyance -- but if I turn off the prompt then it doesn't reconnect at all, so I can't get rid of the prompt.

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1. I would love to see that feature too! Are there any plans to implement this?

2. I accidentally once dismissed that dialog on start. Unfortunately I only could get it back via "Reset Warnings and Messages". But that did of course reset all messages. Is there are way to just get this dialog back?
Hello Royal-TS Team. It has now been 9 months, since Aaron asked here. Can you give us please a little feedback on this request?

A "no - won't be implemented" is imho better than no feedback at all.. :-)

Greetings, I am also strongly interested in auto-reconnect feature.

I fixed the reconnect part with having a Disconnect Task which has a timeout and then reconnects with 

Command ## C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Arguments ## "/c Timeout /T 30 && RoyalTS.exe /action:connect /donotactivate /protocol:rdp /using:uri /uri:$URI$"

Working Dir ## C:\Program Files (x86)\\Royal TS V4

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