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Search and Connect to in Ribbon

I've been using Terminals for a few years now and it has a feature which I will try to describe and also attach as a screenshot. I would like this feature to be implemented in Royal TS. Please vote if you would like it as well.

The feature I'm referring to in Terminals has a label called "Connect To:" and is an entry field (and a dropdown box which I never use).

This field kan be activated with a short-cut or with a mouse-click.

Upon activation I can start typing the name of a server to which I want to connect which is stored in mijn shortcuts database. Whilst typing Terminals auto-completes your entry based on the characters your typing. Pressing Enter wil activate the shortcut which at that moment is present in the field. If I enter a shortcut which is not in my database I get the option to add it.

Next to the the field are 4 buttons, 2 of which I find important but only use in specific situations. The most important of these is the "Connect to Console" button which I use to login an administrative session with my administrative account to manage an actual remote desktop farm. The other button is an option to connect to the shortcut which I selected with a different user account.

Now I know Royal TS has a similar function (namely the search function) but it has several drawbacks:

1. The tree has to remain visible
2. If the tree is undocked from the application it is able to float and can be resized. But I am forced to either place it outside the screen on a different monitor or I’m forced to place it on Royal TS in my working area thus obscuring my sight requiring me to regulary move it.
3. It is necessary to hit ENTER twice.
4. No auto-complete

That's why I would like the function in Roytal TS to appear above the ribbon so that I have as much space for my remote server consoles as my monitor permits.

I searched through the requested features on the site and found 2 features that have similar (but not the same) problems and whishes:

This suggestion was posted on the old forum at 15-08-2015. 

The number of votes was 37. 

The official status was 'under review'. 

The officious status was 'implementation delayed'.

(16.9 KB)

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Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

With kind regards,

Arne Kos

We are working on a new feature in V6 which enables users to quickly use the keyboard to search for objects and execute various commands or vice versa. Stay tuned...

My apologies for the lack of communication. It seems that it got quickly "lost" and out of our sight. I put it on our watch list now and keep an eye on the votes and comments.


Dear Stefan,

I don't want my feature to get preferential treatment, just a status update would have been great these past few years.

With kind regards,

Arne Kos


I'm sorry your feature request hasn't been taken yet. I just want to clarify that submitting a feature request does not guarantee that the feature will be implemented. We prioritize features based on user feedback and effort to implement. This feature did not show a lot of interest from other users here in this forum and other features were prioritized higher.

I'm not sure when we will be able to implement it but if more users are interested in it, I'm happy to bump it up the queue.


Happy anniversary! This  request is now 4 years old!

Happy anniversary! This  request is now 3 years old!

Can someone post the status of this 2 year old request?


Any status update available?


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