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Passwordstate support

Our team uses RoyalTS, and we use a product called Passwordstate (web app) for our credential store.

It would be great if RoyalTS could use Passwordstate as an external credential vault. :)

It's http/https accessible and they do have an API ( so that should help.

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I second this. We also use PasswordState. Can we get a response on this topic?

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thank you for the feedback. Right now we are investigating Secret Server but I will contact clickstudios for a NFR license for us to look at possible integration.


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Any update on this? We use PasswordState and would be amazing to integrate with RoyalTS

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I'm sorry, still nothing new on that front. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information.

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 I would also love this feature.  Upvote from me.

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Same here, we would really like support for Password state (8.1)

Hi Guys,

just a quick update: our latest Royal TS V5 beta has a new feature called "Dynamic Folder" which allows you to populate a folder based on a script. We also have a couple of sample scripts which are working with Secret Server (consuming their API and building up the tree). You can find the docs and the sample scripts on our GitHub repo linked here:

For more information about the V5 beta go to:

Maybe one of you will take the challenge and build something for PasswordState. I'm not sure when one of us will have the time to look into this. It's kind of hard to get all the different products up and running, licensed and looked at for this, so we hope that some "PowerUsers" can jump in and help our community. We do accept pull requests ;)


I'm happy to report that Royal TS 5.0 has been released and includes dynamic folders:

This allows you to integrate 3rd party tools like this. We also have a couple of samples on our github repo which shows how this works:

For more information about the major new features of Royal TS 5.0, please head over to our

We also use PasswordState and would love to know if anyone has managed to get this implemented. If so please post details.

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