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Live Edit Over SFTP

I love the new Connect with SCP/SFTP options. However...

Once connected, I would like to be able to open/edit a file without first having to manually download it. If I make changes/save the opened document, I want the changes to be pushed back to the remote host.

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I apologize, you are correct. This must have a been a new feature that I just didn't recognize. I know when I first started using Royal this feature wasn't there. This is great to see. A couple of suggestions that would be cool, maybe I can already do this but I just don't know. The suggestions have to do with the picture. When you connect to an SSH session in MobaXterm it automatically opens/(connects) up the sftp tab on a side window like shown. Any way for it to open automatically with the session instead of clicking File Transfter > Connect with SFTP? Also MobaXterm supports drag and drop from the Desktop to the SFTP window. It seems as though Royal TS is locked down to having to use the supplied window to the left, and I couldn't drag and drop. Again, small thing, but would be nice to have as well.


I remember now why I couldn't do this the way I'm use to it. Will post it as a new idea which I never did.

I kindly ask you to open a new feature request for drag'n'drop from outside of Royal TS as well as for the feature to automatically open a SFTP connection when a terminal session starts.

Thank you!

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