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Live Edit Over SFTP

I love the new Connect with SCP/SFTP options. However...

Once connected, I would like to be able to open/edit a file without first having to manually download it. If I make changes/save the opened document, I want the changes to be pushed back to the remote host.

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 That would be a great feature.

That´s exactly how WinSCP is doing for example.
Really an important feature.


I still have MobaXterm installed for this feature.

Agree, would be very useful



with this feature will be one of the best tools out there... very useful and much more for the mac users, where there is not winscp or something similar to do this job

The first Royal TSX (for macOS) beta version that supports live edit for FTP/SFTP connections is now out.

Get it here as usual:

Feedback is very welcome!



Hello thanks for the update. Seems that is working perfectly. I already tried it, it uploads the edited file. Really great work! Thanks so much.

Now i need to find how i can specify the program for each type of file. 

PS: one small thing which i saw is that once the file is uploaded the popup on the upper right which inform you that the file is updated, is not going away after a bit, you need to close it ( i am not sure if this can be controlled from your program or not).

Question: The file is live edited or is downloaded first? I ask in order to know if after X edits i have to delete the temp files etc from somewhere.

Thanks again for your GREAT work


Specifying a program to open a certain file type with: It's not possible to control this via Royal TSX. To make sure a certain file type is opened with a specific program, change your association in Finder.

Regarding the upload notification: We will look into this.

Regarding temp files: when opening (double clicking) a remote file, it first is downloaded to a temp directory provided by the system. The API we're using to get the temp directory is NSTemporaryDirectory. After that, we open the file using a system call which opens the file using the default program for the file type.

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Hello again, one small thing which should be maybe usefull, to move one file from the sftp list , inside to one folder with drag and drop. 

thnx for the great work

@Christos: That's definitely planned for a future update.

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One small bug, if i have 1 file named test.php and another one file named test.php on one other folder, if i open the first one and then i will open the second one , the editor tell me if i want to update the already opened file, so i think that it cant understand that the first file is another from the second one.


@Christos, if you can replicate this bug, open a support ticket and include the steps to replicate.

@Christos: We've just released version of the file transfer plugin which now stores temporary files within subdirectories to prevent that kind of issue.

Please let me know if it works for you!

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