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Navigation search - Keyboard shortcut

It would be great if you can add keyboard shortcut to get to navigation search box (usually ALT +O in other applications) 

In our organization network engineers using RoyalTS and very happy with it so far but needing to use the mouse to get to new connection is a little bit hard. 

While chasing connection, vlan , subnet ..... we usually need to jump between 4-10 devices which means after typing few commands I need to get my hands of keyboard to search for new connection. 

Apology if the feature already there but I couldn't find it 

(34.2 KB)


you can already assign a keyboard shortcut for the global search in Royal TS:

Note that you may need to use deep or global scope to make it work while other connections have the input focus. Make sure you choose a shortcut which doesn't interfere with system or other application shortcuts (if you want to change the default).

Let me know if this helps.


Working!! Thanks Stefan. 

Great to hear that! Glad I could help.

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