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Add "apply" button

When editing Royal TS options or an item (SSH Connection, RDP Connection, Information, Credentials, Dynamic Folder, ...), there is a specific tab in Royal TS with "OK" and "Cancel" buttons.
I suggest adding an "Apply" button to apply/save changes without closing the tab.

This is very useful in the following cases:
  • There are many options in Royal TS and with an "Apply" button, you can more easily test an option by changing a parameter, then "Apply", then test another option then "Apply", ...
  • It's rare to write a script for Dynamic Folder that works perfectly on the first try. By keeping the tab open, it's easier to make corrections, then reload the Dynamic Folder.
  • To test the "Text Hightlighting" regular expression rules for SSH connections
  • Now that Royal TS options and item properties are no longer modal popups but tabs (new in Royal TS version 7), the "Apply" button becomes useful.

If you add the "Apply" button, you'll probably have to rename "OK" to "Apply and close" to avoid confusion.

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