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Browser Auto Refresh Enhancements

If possible could the auto refresh timer be reset if activity is detected in the connection that is using it?

I've written a browser extension that can detect mouse clicks on tabs to reset its own timer, but would prefer something akin to a "smart auto refresh" in RTS so that I can use all the other features.

If detecting activity is not possible could a countdown be added on the UI somewhere so we know how long we have until a refresh happens?

Actually the auto refresh should be suspended when the browser has the input focus. I will double check the implementation and see if we have a regression...

I'm on 7.2.50111 and it will reload on me if I'm actively typing something in a text field on the page. I set it to 60 seconds and mashed my keyboard just to be sure I wasn't getting distracted and end up doing something else at the time of the refresh.

The next release should have this fixed. Stay tuned...

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Thanks! Does the timer also reset when the browser has the input focus so that the page doesn't refresh moments after you look away?

For example with an auto refresh of 60 seconds if i was inactive for 45 seconds then actively worked in a field before clicking away; does the timer reset to 60 or does it run out the remaining 15 seconds before refreshing?

The latter. It simple skips the refresh when the focus is active. The timer itself isn't touched at all.

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