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Add option to toggle off Actions pane focus on connection

I'd like to propose an option for when a new connection is launched, either predefined or ad-hoc, to keep the currently active pane active, rather than automatically switching to the Actions pane.

The reason for this is that a common requirement for me is to launch a new ad-hoc connection using a predefined template, and being able to keep the Home pane focused streamlines this workflow.

Hi Neil,

I'm guessing you are talking about the ribbon (context) tabs which are switched based on selection and state.

If so, it's by design to automatically switch between Home and Actions. If you select any other tab, the selection will not be changed. You could leverage the ribbon customization to either put the commands you need to an existing ribbon tab or create a new ribbon tab with all the commands you want to have available all the time.

Let me know if this helps.


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That's actually really helpful - I'll try that. In that case, you may as well close this. Thanks :]

Hi Stefan,

Your suggestion worked perfectly - I moved everything from Home into a new tab, and now I can just keep that one focused. Thanks!



Glad that helped.


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