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Keepass integration - remember associated key file with multiple vaults

I open multiple Keepass vaults inside RoyalTS.  Whenever I open one, I have to change the key file to ensure I have the correct file to match the vault that I'm being prompted for.

It would be great if the application could remember the key files associated with each vault.  It already remembers one key file, but it tries to use the same key file for each vault that gets opened, so the last key file used is always the default.

Hi Jeremy,

thanks for the feedback. I think I understand your issue/request. Remembering the last file is easy because it's always one. Remembering all files is also not desirable since it will accumulate a lot of files and without a cleanup routine, this may get out of hand. I'm curious, how many different key files are we talking about. It would be easier to remember the last 10 or so.


I'm only using 2 vaults, so 2 key files.  Is there a way to associate the key file with the remembered vault?

When I open RoyalTS, it prompts me for each previously-opened document and vault.  That's where I'd like it to remember the key file that is associated with each vault.

Does that make more sense?  I'm not looking for a massive list of all key files, just the one associated with each vault that the app opens on launch.

The idea is the following:

When you open a keepass file (vault) for the first time and select a key file for that keepass file, I remember the path of the key file for the keepass file you opened. I can then keep a list of 10 of those associations and whenever a keepass file is opened, I can check what was the last key file for that one and pre-fill the text box.

Does that make sense?

That sounds correct.

Next release will have that on board!

Thanks again for the feedback.

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