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Add a confirmation popup when activating "Broadcast input"

Activating the "broadcast input" feature for SSH connections should systematically display a confirmation popup (with Yes/No buttons).
In this confirmation popup, I'd put a message like "Warning: you are about to activate the broadcast input feature. Be careful!" and add a link to the documentation.

Here are 3 reasons to do so:
  • Broadcast input is a very powerful feature, but it's also dangerous because you're applying commands to different servers, and the slightest deviation could result in unwanted actions.
  • Because the button can easily be activated by mistake/misclick. You can judge by yourself with a case that often happens to me:


  • Because there's already been a bug on Royal TS that activated this feature by mistake when closing a tab, which almost had serious consequences for me.
See incident ticket #77063 and the correction in version 7.02.50304 :
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Hi Damien,

great suggestion! I implemented a prompt and I also improved the feature a bit allowing you to still directly type into a session which is not an enabled input broadcast receiver. This should better prevent accidents.


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