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Ctrl+A shortcut in Navigation panel

In the Navigation panel, there's a shortcut for Ctrl+A for "Active Connections", which works when the text box is in focus. But in a text box, Ctrl+A should always be used only to select all the text. By reflex, I often use Ctrl+A in this text box, but the result is never what I expected.
Furthermore, I haven't figured out how to change the correspondence of this keyboard shortcut.


Hi Damien,

good catch! I changed that particular shortcut to CTRL + T to avoid "collisions" with select all. The keyboard shortcuts for the filters are currently not customizable but I hope this change is an improvement.


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Hi Stefan,
Great news!
If Ctrl+A selects all the text, I no longer need to change the key mapping for "Active Connections". So no worries if it's not customizable for me.


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