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Recent/last connection



Is it possible to add a button or menu to see our last/recent X connections?

Many times, RTS does not ask me to reopen my last session after a closure and I lost all the place where I had been connected.

(feature request also on RTS MacOS)


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Hi Jerome,

thanks for the feedback. A feature like this could be implemented but with a couple of caveats: 

- Depending on how a connection has been established (ad hoc, prompted for credential), we may not be able to restore the connection because we don't have the credentials which were entered, for example.

- Another issue would be if the document the connection belongs to (or a depending credential) is not loaded. In this case we may also fail to establish the connection.

For "normal" use cases this would probably work fine (given the needed documents are loaded). Special cases might be difficult to handle.

I will put this on our list and keep this idea open in the forum to see if others are voting up or leaving comments.


I also recommend to create a dedicated idea post in the Royal TSX forum.

Hi Stefan, thanks for answer.

For this feature, it's not necessary to restore session, the option is already available, but, as I say, sometimes not work properly.

If I can just have a "list", that would be great. I can remember Remote Desktop Manager has this feature.

I have opened an idea also in MacOs topic.

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