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Open SFTP connection within SSH terminal window

Hello there. I am coming over from MobaXterm and I really enjoy how they handle their SCP browser with any SSH connection. With each SSH connection made, there is a small panel to the left, which can also follow your path within the SSH terminal. Any way something like this could be implemented? I recognize once can right-click on the entry and select "Connect using SFTP". However, doing so opens a new window altogether and requires one to move it horizontally. Even then, the window takes up so much real estate due to showing the local path, as well. Finally, what I like about MobaXterm is that if I the SCP browser stays dedicated with the terminal view and doesn't follow when you click on an RDP window (unlike Royal TS where I would need to exit from horizontal view to accomplish this).


For what it is worth, Remote Desktop Manager has something similar where you can click a button to launch an embedded SFTP session.


Hi Will,

thanks for the feedback. I will put this on our list and leave it open in the ideas section to see if others are upvoting/commenting.


This would be a great feature. Upvote from us! 

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