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Access to Navigation "Copy to Clipboard" functions from session tabs

I often find myself forced back into the navigation pane to change the search text to bring up details of a host I'm already connected to in order to copy say the session password or hostname using the right click context menu.

It would be a lot easier if I could also access the Navigation->right click on host->"copy to clipboard" functions by right-clicking on the session tab so the switching between session and navigation could be avoided.

Something like this

This is what I have to do now (which in this case involves changing the search text to test to bring up the host I'm already connected to)


What I would like


This would be of great help when working with multiple sessions at the same time 

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Next minor release will have this on board. Stay tuned...


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Hi Stephen,

we released a new build (V7.2.50410) yesterday evening, containing the changes.

You can access the build either via the Royal TS in-app-updater or via the following link:

Best regards,


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You guys are the best ;) Looking forward to seeing this !


You're welcome! New release coming soon...


Yep, I saw that and it does exactly what I was looking for !!

Many many thanks from a rather grey London

I have also getting the same issue.

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